From Tomorrow China is opening 5k Theatres.

Coronavirus emerged from China. The hope is for China’s theaters to re-open by mid-to-late April in time for the May Day holiday , a maneuver that raises several questions rather than an expected boom for a country which saw its box office reach a high of $9.2B last year. In China there is a break in coronavirus chain.

Nearly 70,000 theatres were shut down due to this virus as it is spreading in large quantity.There were many films which were scheduled in that month were postponed.

There were so many bussiness which need to shut down.  Before China closed its theaters this year, its box office through the first 20 days of this year stood at $3.9B, +157% over the same period a year ago.

The worst case scenario is for cinemas to re-open in the PRC by July.Many people were infected by this virus.

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