The Cooler Master MM831 Wireless Gaming Mouse 32,000

We have seen that CPI specialties have increased over the years. While many casual gamers compete with the four-digit CPI specification, there are mice that surround five CPIs, such as the Razor Basilisk Ultimate, which go up to 20,000 CPI. But for CPI Warriors striving for the best gaming mouse, this number is a fraction of the potato compared to what Cooler Master MM831 has to offer.

The MM831 ($ 80), announced in June as the seller’s first wireless mouse, is using software to bring the sensor’s 16,000 CPI to 32,000 CPI. It is true that you may not need levels up to 32,000, and there are questions about whether other MM831 sensor specifications can accommodate many. But the Cooler Master MM831 also has plenty outside the battlefield, including Bluetooth, a USB Type-A dongle, or the option for connectivity via cable, as well as Qi or USB-C wireless charging. Oh, and did I mention that this is about the sexiest mouse you have used?

Cooler Master MM831 Design & Comfort

Do you know those movies where an idiot doesn’t show much until he unzips his glasses. This is what happens when you turn on the RGB Cooler Master MM831 RGB. At first glance, it looks like your typical bold gaming mouse with different lines and a beetle-shape. But once you turn on RGB, the MM831 turns into a stunning picture, which no famous kids will ignore again.

Here are four RGB zone scroll wheels, Palm logo, CPI indicators and LED rings and make the Cooler Master MM831 a winner if you want a good looking mouse. As with many gaming mice, the palm area has an illuminated scroll wheel and logo. But it is the LED ring that engulfs poverty that makes it a wonderful factor.

We have also seen LED rings like the Hyperx Pulsefire Surge before. But the cooler master which displays light from under the mouse and is higher on the sides, plus the effect of three lights acting as CPI indicators make a magical journey for the eyes. Was it the Solid Purple, Cooler Master, as it looked something outside of the Tron, or if you set it to a light yellow, blue and purple rainbow with a rainbow pulse lighting effect, the MM831’s RGB would be an eye-popper. The catch was the drama, which sounded dramatic but not overrated.

The Cooler Master MM831 has an LED light under magnetic and removable palm rest covered in a kind of paper. Dongle storage on the mouse is often overlooked with wireless gaming mouse, and the MM831’s snap cap works well, never accidentally exploding. The Asus ROG Chakram also has a removable palm rest under dongle storage unit, but it has a feature in the printed arrow that reminds you to insert the dongle. In order to fit the MM831 dongle properly I found myself trialing and error so that the rest of the palm is closed.

Like the expensive Asus ROG Chakram, which also features Qi wireless charging and Bluetooth, dongle or wired connectivity, the Cooler Master MM831 has a removable magnetic case. And like ROG varnam, plastic for removable palm rest is the same material used for the left and right mouse buttons. But while ROG Chakram uses inexpensive crystal plastic, the MM831 palm rest and left and right (non-removable) mouse buttons are made of PBT plastic. PBT is considered more durable than regular plastic or ABS plastic and has a lower texture than ABS. The PBT also battled fingerprints within two weeks of use, efficiently maintaining its matte look and feel. Of these parts, the rest of the plastic on the mouse is ABS.

ABS plastic allowed me to play free of dirt for hours without slipping my grip. The small amount of foam rubber under the side buttons is very soft and soothing, so it’s really bad because it’s neither the largest nor the other side of the mouse, which instead features an ABS plastic that PBT parts. The coarse texture seems to start. With a claw grip, my thumbs barely touch the comfortable side grip.

The Cooler Master MM381 is designed for the right hand handle or clutch. In either handle, I had easy access to the side buttons, although they don’t resist as fast for easy access on other mice, like the wired MSI Clutch GM30. Conversely, a person with slightly larger hands felt that the front button is too far to reach naturally, so your experience may vary. We agreed that the shape of the mouse left little space to the right of our pinky and pinky fingers, and that the pinky was always pulling on the mouse pad when using the MM831.

The scroll wheel is “polished” using Japanese ALPS coding software, which Cooler Master says will help increase accuracy and fight blurring and stickiness “for years”. The rubber is very soft but the horizontal lines prevent it from slipping. The wheel uses steep movements, so making a long, very fast pass is a challenge.

The file transfer test, where we record the time it takes to transfer 4.97GB to a computer, showed poor performance in the Blur Pro 17 segment. Here, the Razer laptop took 6 seconds to complete the transfer, which has a file transfer rate of 844MB per second. It is slower than all competitors. MSI and Asus both had 3-second scores (although Alienware was a few milliseconds late), resulting in respective file transfer rates of 1,694Mbps and 1,571Mbps. Alienware was actually the closest match to Blade Pro in this test, completing the test in 5 seconds for a file transfer rate of 1,083MB per second.

Display on razor blade pro 17

The revised Razor Blade Pro 17 prioritizes display speed over configuration resolution, limiting the 17.3-inch IPS display with FHD resolution, but in turn gives it a 300Hz refresh rate.

For the film, it did not make a big impact. I saw a midsummer ad on Blade Pro and dealt with the intense glare

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