What is Phanteks P500A Two Motherboards in a Mid-Tower

With the P300A and P400A cases already in existence, it was time for Phanteks to release the largest airflow boosting canister ever: the P500A. This structure provides for a large medium tower design that can accommodate all types of complex systems.

This is an ATX chassis, and you won’t see it and think you can fit two systems into it. But, with an optional $ 20 accessory, you’ll be able to build a mini-ITX system in the roof of the case, allowing you to hide your media server in sight.

Today we are testing the $ 99 version of the P500A which comes with two 140mm fans and does not support RGB. For an additional $ 30, Fantex will remove the boring black spindle for three D-RGB fans on the front and D-RGB tape with PSU cover.

Will the Phanteks P500A make it to our top PC list? Read on to find out.

Phanteks P500A Features

Overall, the Phanteks P500A is loaded with features, although this version is under $ 100 RGB which minimizes cool lighting effects. But it keeps the same clean exterior, making it a great structure for well-organized workspaces.

The fonts are not left behind when their mesh netting unfurls. With the P300A and P400A, the company is keen to explain how the grille wraps around the corners of the front panel, allowing for more airflow. There is also no filter behind it – there is focus performance here, and you will not want the filtration layer to reduce airflow. But, of course, this means that you want to be a little more careful with cleaning.

The panel on the left is made up of a huge panel of tempered glass, and it rotates with a click. The front panel has a slot that you can hold, making it easy to open. Once it widens, you can simply close the hinge to set it apart during assembly. One of the thoughtful details about the panel is the rubber band – it ensures that it seals smoothly and uniformly against the system, moistens potential tingles and ensures that air through the gaps Is not drawn

The IO sits at the top of the case, and has two USB 3.0 ports, a microphone / headphone combo jack, a USB Type-C port, power and reset keys. There is a white LED light at the top of the front panel to indicate your system.

Phanteks P500A’s internal layout

The Pteteks thought carefully about the P500A’s internal layout. At first glance, it looks like any other ATX chassis, but it brings some tricks that help it stand out from the crowd.

You won’t be able to mount any E-ATX motherboards here, but with the addition of a $ 20 chip, you can mount a mini-ITX board on top of the chassis, hanging from the ceiling. Throw in another $ 60 and Fantex will send you a 600mm (2ft) PCI-Express cable, allowing you to attach the GPU on a mini-ITX board in a vertically oriented space on top of the PSU cover. But before you worry, there is also a small jack cable, which costs very little for those who simply want to mount the GPU vertically on the mainboard.

The largest supply of power is under the hood of the PSU, although you may have to sacrifice some storage options. Out of the box, two 3.5 ” HDD cases are included. This protects it from slipping into place, and you can place up to four under the PSU cover. You can install six of these in the main compartment instead of the cable cover.

There are three mounting brackets for 2.5 inch drives on the back of the motherboard – so yes, if you’re very inclined, you can install ten 3.5 inch drives and three 2.5 inch drives in this system.


As you can imagine, being the largest group the P500A comes with the largest room for refrigeration equipment, which is also true. Of course, if you want to install too much hard drive or another system, you have to make some sacrifices, but if your primary focus is cooling, you can adjust two 140 mm fans on top or three 120 mm fans on top. . Three 140mm fans in the front and one 140mm fan in the back. These sizes also correspond to supported coolant sizes.

As mentioned earlier, the front does not have an intake air filter, so you have to rely on the grille to take care of this. The system opens easily, so regular cleaning should not be more difficult. Fortunately, the PSU has its own fine mesh filter, as PSU cleaning can be very tedious.

The GPU can be up to 435 mm (17.2 in) long or 294 in (12.6 in) long with HDD cases installed. CPU coolers can be up to a maximum of 190 mm (7.5 in).

As with most cases of this type, the motherboard installation was quick. The center deadlock easily stabilized the board during vertical mounting, and the GPU easily slid into the bus.

The PSU also entered without much fanfare, although with our massive Corsier HX750i disk, it was not possible to mount hard drive cases close to the PSU, which limited the two 3.5-inch drives under the PSU’s cap. gave.

HDD hard drive cases come with pre-installed rubber grommets, so all you have to do is attach the four points of the hard drive and slide the kit in place.

One extension that we speculated about the Fantex P500A was the inclusion of a plastic bolt sorting box. This is one thing that Fantex usually includes in its more expensive cases, and although they are a small detail and not really environmentally responsible,

Wire management

Cable management was a breeze for the Phanteks P500A. Fantex has obviously made a lot of effort to make cable management easier, as evident by the sheer amount of Velcro on the back of the motherboard case.

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