What is Razer Huntsman Mini 60% Gaming Keyboard

Larger is not always better, which is why 60% of keyboards exist. Some people would not dare to sacrifice the number pad or navigation keys for this best gaming keyboard. But enthusiastic gamers who need space to freely toss their mouse or swear by more office space by smaller keyboards. Razer is also now placing larger bets on the mini console with the Razer Huntsman Mini, which was released on 14 July.

The brand’s first 60% keyboard (said to be in response to social media demand), the Huntsman Mini (as a $ 120 start-up / test), offers another first with it: a second-generation Razer Linear Optical in keyboard. Keys that should be higher are good for the ears of those who like quiet mechanical switches.

the design

Razor says the Huntsman Mini is a response to social media demand for 60% of keyboards, especially since the Razor Huntsman Tournament Edition was released last year. With the loss of a larger portion of keys than a full-size keyboard, the razor is an adventure, as this form factor will turn off many regular users. At the time I was using 60% of the keyboard, I loved the extra office space but was less productive outside of games, especially due to the lack of arrow keys.

But the keyboard is 60% less risky, given that it is part of the popular Huntsman font. According to the NPD Group, based on total dollar sales, the most expensive full-sized razor Huntsman Elite Gaming Keyboard was the best-selling gaming keyboard in the US from January 2019 to March 2020. The Huntsman Elite (the Razor’s original Huntsman keyboard) is a flamboyant peripheral with impressive media control and RGB wrist rest. The Huntsman Mini does not have room for 60% of such form factors. In addition to its optical keys, it is a very different keyboard from the Huntsman Elite and connects things minimally.

Razor’s press material for the Huntsman Mini was not ashamed to target the new keyboard against the Ducky One 2 Mini. The Huntsman Mini measures approximately 11.6 x 4 x 1.3 inches, roughly evenly wider in size than the Hyperx x Ducky One 2 Mini (11.9 x 4.3 x 1.6 inches) and the Anne Pro 2 (11.2 x 3.8 x 1.6 inches).

Razor offers Huntsman Mini in black or mercury (razor talk for white). I chose the white version for complete versatility. Across the thin line of keys with the RGB rainbow wave effect, the Huntsman Mini almost looked like a toy. At full brightness, RGB lighting filled the spaces between switches with a colored glow. The fun font on the Esc, Tab, and Caps keys did not help. But if you have a white mouse, such as a Rocket Cane 200 Aimo or a white computer, the razor’s Mercury color is a cheerful addition. At very low brightness levels (10%), the razor’s LEDs offered a much more understandable color that only comes through the letter keys.

The Huntsman Mini features an aluminum plate with a plastic base. With the Huntsman Tournament Edition, which is essentially a ten-keyless version of this keyboard with linear optical switches from the first generation of Razors, we’re a bit disappointed with the overall experience of the Huntsman Mini. While plastic helps keep the keyboard in an attractive and portable light for $ 120- $ 130, we like to see things a lot more sophisticated. However, the “razor” pattern hidden on the edge of the keyboard and “Forbes by gamers” are etched on undergarments such as designer bag symbols are nice touches.

For the higher price, you will get at least double PBT funnels. We will explain how to write this aid in the section below, but they will not collect fingerprints as easily as from the ABS keyboards displayed on some other Huntsman keyboards for a confident appearance. The woven look provides a classic and professional touch for those who have keen eyes. Razor prides itself on the font used here, the thinnest font available on the PBT keyboard thanks to proprietary creation technology. At first glance there is not a clear record holder, but the thin line becomes RGB discrete bleed-free with the correct settings. And since the double-image keycap, this slim line won’t fade.

Incidentally, the Huntsman mini keycap is interchangeable with the standard keycap, and the razor sells its PBT double keycap in various colors. But Huntsman Mini owners will have to work to match the beauty and creative designs of Ducky’s One2 Mini Keyboard. In addition to the HyperX version to celebrate the Chinese New Year, there is the unforgettable Frozen Lama version and the more office-ready Skyline SKU.

Another luxury is the Huntsman Mini Braided USB-C cable. Razor told me that cable is a node for keyboard fans who want to switch cables. Hopefully, whichever shopper will choose will be the one that fits perfectly into the rectangular opening of the chassis. With the mercury release, the braided cable has a shiny shine. The Huntsman Mini also has two legs that flip to 6 degrees or 9 degrees.

You can easily switch through preset RGB effects, use media controls, make quick macro recordings, and activate game modes without opening software.

Writing experience

Our Huntsman Mini revision unit uses purple optical click keys from Razor. In August, it will also be available for another $ 10 with the Razor Linear Optical (second generation) switch. The new linear switch should be quieter than the Razor linear optical switch introduced in the Hunterman tournament version.

For those not familiar with the razor’s light switch, the gaming brand introduced it to the razor Huntsman Elite a few years ago. Instead of being operated by metallic contact, such as traditional mechanical keyboard switches, optical mechanical switches are operated with the key stem passing through the light beam. The goal is a smooth experience.

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