New Nature Documentaries Are Coming to Apple

Apple TV + is slowly expanding the catalog of its original content, which is set to grow again this fall with the introduction of three nature documentaries narrated by celebrities.

The purpose of Tiny World, Being You, and Earth at Night in Color is to shed light on the beauty and human development of the natural world.

What are these new documentaries about?

According to Apple, this trio of new documentaries coming in the fall will use never-before-seen footage and groundbreaking technology.

Tiny World Debut October 2 and narrated by Paul Rudd. It will explore the resourcefulness and resilience of some of Earth’s smallest creatures, using new camera technology to see through their eyes.

Fans of documentaries of the nature of Netflix are sure to enjoy this.


Are you eager to explore the great outdoors from the comfort of your home? Then you should watch these nature documentaries on Netflix.

Becoming You tells the story of more than 100 children around the world, studying how their first 2,000 days shape humans — how they think, walk, and speak. While every journey is different, the documentary aims to highlight our shared humanity. Olivia Coleman narrates, and it arrives on November 13.

Earth in color at night

Finally, Earth at Night in Color shows us the nocturnal life of animals in color, which is clearly the first time this has been achieved. Tom Hiddleston takes us through six continents, such as the African continents and the Arctic Circle, as we get to see how these creatures behave when the sun sets.

What are the other documentaries on Apple TV +?

These new documentaries are not just the unscripted series and films that Apple has announced.

Long Way Up debuts on September 18 and follows friends Avan McGregor and Charlie Bowerman as they set out on their motorbike to travel from Argentina to California.

Director Werner Herzog, Spike John’s Beastie Boys Story and Sundance winner are also the likes of Fireball from Boys State.

Although Apple TV + offers far less content than its rivals, Apple is undercutting the success of its streaming service due to lower monthly subscription costs and heavy investment in quality original content.

More great Apple TV + shows

If these new documentaries are of the same high standard as some other great shows on Apple TV +, like Dickinson and Myth Quest, we will be in for a real treat.

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